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Turkish passport types and how to get them

Posted by Yaqota on January 6, 2022

There are many ways to obtain a Turkish passport, the most important of which is to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property for 250,000$ and real estate investment.

Types of Turkish passports:

1- Ordinary Turkish passport 

It is a passport obtained by Turkish citizens and foreigners who acquire Turkish citizenship and is red color and is valid for ten years from the date of issue.

2. Turkish diplomatic passport

The black diplomatic passport is awarded to members of the Turkish parliament, ministers, governors, generals, mayors of major municipalities, and those holding high and important positions in state institutions.

They are required to have the passport for their actual service in office, meaning they cannot obtain it after retirement, or can they grant it to their family members.

3-Special Turkish passport (green)

A special passport of green color is granted to persons working for the state who are government employees and who arrive during their working period to certain job grades.

Obtaining a passport is associated with the employee’s achievement of strict and specific conditions, and eligibility for obtaining it also determines the degree of seniority in his work in state institutions.

Government employees reaching the first, second, or third step of the career ladder can obtain a special passport.

4-Gray stamped Turkish passport (service)

Each of these can get it:

– All state employees in official state departments from abroad.

– It is also granted to spouses and children of all persons up to the age of 25.

The Turkish passport currently ranks 53rd according to the  Guide index ranking of passports, and the Turkish passport allows its holders to travel visa-free to 111 destinations around the world.

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