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Real estate investment in Turkey

Posted by Yaqota on February 25, 2021

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property worth 250 thousand dollars is one of the most important reasons that encourage real estate investment in Turkey in accordance with the laws of real estate ownership in Turkey that serve foreigners and encourage them to invest.

The real estate sector is one of the most important fast-growing economic sectors in Turkey, which is attracting investors from outside the country, to take advantage of the legal advantages and opportunities offered by the real estate regulations for foreigners.

One of the highlights of the Turkish real estate market is that it is an emerging and strong market, which is the second most active and strongest construction market in the world, and Turkey ranks fourth among the top ten real estate investment sites in the world because of its assets and infrastructure

The investor must verify that he is dealing with a reliable real estate company that has title deeds for the real estate that they are offering for sale, there are 3 types of title deeds which are:

The first is the title deed of the land on which the property is located, the second is the title deed of unfinished properties, and the third is the final title deed with the apartment number and its details in full, that is, the municipal licensing procedures have been completed, checked and delivered without any defects.

Types of real estate investment in Turkey :

1 – investment in commercial real estate :

This is largely available in Istanbul, specifically because of its many investment opportunities and its importance as an economic, investment and tourist center.

2. Invest in residential real estate :

It consists of residential apartments with different areas and villas.

Real estate under construction are good investment opportunities where the purchase price is less than the price of the property after completion of construction and thus the yield of the re-sale, ranging from 25% to 35%.

Real estate investment in Turkey has many positives :

* Get a steady, continuous and guaranteed monthly financial return.

* Obtaining Turkish citizenship by owning a property worth 250 thousand US dollars.

* Increase the capital value or increase the value of the property long-term, i.e. that the value of the property after several years will rise and thus will increase your capital.

* Real estate investment is a long-term investment as an additional savings for the retirement period and a guarantee for the family.

* The growing demand and continuous on the rental market, whether the property is new or old, which ensures entered the extra constant.

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